Dragged Down to Hell Demo

by TrenchRot

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released January 1, 2013

Recorded by Rich Scott at 409 Haus
Mastered by Clark Eagling



all rights reserved


TrenchRot Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Gallery of the Dead
Stalking the battle field when the sounds of gunfire have ceased
Gathering the remains of the fallen outside of the wire

Limbs scatter the ground.
Putrid stench of death
Piles of entrails
Braided into cords

Ripping and hacking, stitching and sewing
Blood pooling down in my boots,
Pulpy stumps creating a puzzle
Hanging torsos from meat hooks,
Furiously working
Finished by the dawn
Hair torn from roots, glued to new scalps,
Mutilated puppets of corpses are spawned

Gallery of the dead
Theater of the damned
The dance of death
(Welcome to the) grotesque burlesque

Collecting the parts for a corpse marionette
finding hands without fingers, arms without hands

Skin ripped away
Eyes torn From heads
Teeth fit to skulls
Skulls strung to threads

Limbs tied to torso, torso to crossbar
Gutlust will make this corpse dance
Fibrous sinews controlling the movements
The soldiers are caught in a trance
A hideous display to boost the morale
Decay is now what they crave.
The sickening art driving them mad,
The bodies are raped by their graves

Gallery of the dead
theater of the damned
the dance of death
welcome to the grotesque burlesque

Track Name: Trapped Under Treads
Bleak horizon filled with acrid smoke
Lives lost for some fucked up joke
A roaring metal beast approaches so slow
Crushing all in its path, the body count grows

Heading for trenches the mammoth won’t stop
Over barbed wire until it rests on top
Trapped under treads, viscera surrounds me
Corpses lie in rot and madness abounds me
Suffocating on the mud
Feel my body being crushed
Bones splintered by the weight
Brains bursting from my skull
Maggots feed on my eyes
Flesh ground to pulp